The ultimate cleaning cloth made of nanofiber

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Streak-free, spot-free and lint-free using only water.

The Shadazzle No Streak Cloth is machine washable, reusable and extremely long lasting !


Shadazzle No Streak Cloth ?


The Shadazzle No Streak Cloth is the best eco-friendly cloth you will find. It is perfect to clean everything very effectively, and only with water ! No chemical detergents are needed when you use the Shadazzle No Streak Cloth.

Made of nanofiber, this cleaning cloth is highly absorbant and thus leaves every surface perfectly clean.

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Where to use it ?


With Shadazzle No Streak Cloth, the possibilites of usage are countless !

These streak-free, spot-free, lint-free Shadazzle cloths help tackle stickiness,
grease, and grime with just the addition of water !

Use them to wipe down a variety of surfaces, including mirrors, windows, countertops, and stainless steel.


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